Airclad is the next generation of semi-permanent and permanent architectural buildings developed by Inflate.

Inflate is exclusively a design and production company that has specialised for the last 20 years in all things inflatable, for the last 10 years Inflate has been producing industry leading temporary exhibition structures for indoor and outdoor purposes using AirFlow technology.

In 2006 we began on a process to look at a permanent cladding system for a hotel project in the Middle East. The project went very well and over the next year and half we developed and sampled a complete working proto type.This gave us the foundations to a cladding system using air to insulate a pre fabricated hotel from heat gain thus reducing the level of AC and power consumption.

In the end the final production phase of the project coincided with the 2008 credit crunch, which effectively meant it did not happen. We decided there was something intriguing about the AirClad system and decided to invest more time and money into it. With the main business at the time Inflate, we could see there was a growing demand from our clients for high end VIP type event structures which the AirClad looked as if it would ideally suit. I also have a personal interest in all this architectural and wanted to see if the AirClad could start to offer solutions to the accommodation side of the market as well.

With the events and marketing side of the industry driving the development I started to refine the system to use materials and methods of constructions that suited portability and installation demands, while keeping true to the original AirClad ideas.

Having made some prototypes it was not until 2009 that we had the first working prototypes and by 2010 we were into production with the first of our larger structures and have remained so since.

The AirClad has been developed with UK, European production in mind and this is where everything is all still made. However I see the option to create localised production to markets where we see bigger growth. This will help to create locally sustainable businesses while creating competitive cost structures to suit these markets.

There is no limit to what we see as opportunities with AirClad. You will see from this web site some of the areas we have moved into and the new ones we see opportunities in such as schools, hospitals, life guard huts, even cars. Currently the AirClad head office of design is based in Antwerp, with new and developing business partners emerging throughout the world.

AirClad is a part of the Te Koop group of companies.