I design, because I want to make Inflatable Structures better. Always.

I look at new projects and want to see them evolve, I want people to look at every possibility, something they may not even know existed. Clients need to re-evaluate the use of outdated structures such as marquees and tents, but it is difficult to recondition a long existed mindset.

In marquees there is space, but it is static and without emotion. Something like an Inflate AirCell membrane is a fluid thing. It is always developing and responding to the environment around it, it challenges people’s perception of space and how to engage with it. We know the marquee is now outdated. We also know architectural buildings are outdated and the industry needs to engage with new solutions.

Traditional Marquees are outmoded – they are neither cheap to buy, install, de-install – they require huge resources, manpower, trucks. If you buy – you are lumbered with a cumbersome outdated oddity that neither looks good, feels good, nor has reduced costs. And more importantly does not achieve the required wow factor to engage the conscious and stand out today.

Traditional architectural living buildings are expensive and you are stuck with them – there is little room for maneuver and they simply don’t have any impact.

There is now no reason today to assume people have to use the same structures they would have used in the 1950’s. In fact to do so is to prepare the event or living space for an age that has already passed. We live in an fast moving technologically advanced society. We have a cloud mentality – users have many opportunities to engage and involve themselves with an incredibly advanced support network.

Inflate – by its very appearance, supports that’s advanced way of thinking. It is emblematic of our every changing technological age. Design and the ability to surprise and challenge has always been a huge part of the Inflate DNA. This is because we believe the Inflate technology can have a huge impact on the event and the user experience of a living space.

We now have the opportunity to change one of the cornerstones of society. Architecture. AirClad is architecture. With AirClad we are making architecture so much more engaging, and breaking down the intellectual snobbery that alienates its users. Simply put – it engages and challenges the user experience. It excites, motivates, inspires new ideas.

The AirClad is right up to date with technology and society. It has everything you need for a building but with a fraction of the weight or need for heavy foundations. These new AirClad structures are going to allow home owners to do things they never thought possible. They can have a new state of the art office, or an extra bedroom. They could even have a pool or summer house. In fact pretty much anything they desire.

When we set out to do AirClad there were really three areas we focused on:
• We wanted to have something that was fast
• We wanted to have a beautiful looking product
• We wanted to create a better easier way to use a building
With AirClad you can integrate many other applications such as lighting, sound, A.C., storage and as you do, the product takes on an even greater sense of space and your personality. You can tailor this to your own personality.

It becomes compelling and you can do things with AirClad you just cannot do with a normal building. You can set it up and leave it up. You can take it down and move to another location. You can sell it on if you no longer need. But especially you can upgrade and extend it. There is no need to break it down and start again. This is really where technology meets life as it evolves.

All these upgrades can be viewed online prior to any commitment, and changing them and reviewing 3d has never been easier. You will have an elegant building all organized exactly as you want it. Up to now no one has come up with a way to create buildings in a pre-manufactured way that still allows the owner to develop and evolve with the building. AirClad now does that.

All the components have been designed to be as simple as possible and we have worked with all CNC operated tooling thus avoiding investment tooling that would likely become redundant in the future. All elements of the design have the individual capability to be replaced and developed as the design evolves.

We want to get AirClad as accessible as possible and are working on finance options to run with existing mortgages. We have created an easy way to build a new office / spare room summer house etc. There is now going to be an easy way to finance them.

We live in a time of financial hardship. We maybe want to move – but can’t afford to. Airclad is an option to upgrade without the huge costs and complexities normally associated with home moves and improvements. Digitalizing of architecture construction is going to be the opportunity of the century. Space within the AirClad is so much more dynamic,
and can be all yours from screen to reality quicker than any previous method of design and architecture. You can now have ownership of architecture – it becomes alive and most importantly – it becomes yours.

We are now at the point where we need more 21st century materials, we need to look ahead and re- evaluate how we live and where we live. We need to engage and inspire our children about how we live – and why we live. You need to live how you need to not how you think you should. AirClad will be essential to that.

When you start thinking about Inflate and AirClad, think about the benefits to architecture. It’s here to stay. It combines the power of inherent design and manufacturing innovation, with an un-abashed approach to pushing the boundaries of conventional notions of structure. The relationship will allow more people in different industries to also benefit. The living environment is crucial to how we exist, perform, execute our daily activities. Airclad is committed to crossing all boundaries – providing solutions for the military, humanitarian causes and shelter for the homeless.

Inflate is a company that has a genius for engaging people. You can do things with Inflate and AirClad which you could never have done before. It will make users much more stimulated, it will create curiosity and a space for learning which will deliver through this new way of living a more engaged and energized society.

I have had the privilege of working with inflates for 20 years. Inflate has an amazing history of success . We have always evolved with the the times and AirClad technology embraces everything Inflate wishes to perpetuate – it reflects our past successes with the Inflate ethos whilst embracing and creating a new form of architecture.

With AirClad we see a huge leap in the possibilities of a 21st Century way of living. I have become a better person while I have designed. I am constantly looking at my environment and searching for new ways to improve the way we live – and how we live. Architecture is our lasting legacy – environment and how and where we live has an enormous impact on our ability to live engaging, fruitful and fulfilled lives.

We become attached to our buildings. They surround us – they have an almost subliminal effect on our existence. I know AirClad will certainly change peoples’ lives for the better. It will create opportunities for them they never knew existed, and break with convention. They are going to want to be in the pod, they are going to see it as an extension of themselves. AirClad opens eyes, it opens minds, it brings windows into places you never dreamed could be great before. We are an extension of the space we live in, it motivates us, makes us feel at ease and fulfill our potential.

Airclad can deliver and optimize your potential … to succeed.

Nick Crosbie, Director