This was the first commercial project we develop with the AirClad system. It was designed and produced and installedwithin an 8 week period 2 years ago and is still in action in Brick Lane today. The owner of the restaurant had an outside space that was being covered by 2 large old umbrellas and clear PVC wraps around the outside to help it stay warmer inside on colder days. The Client wanted to create a structure to join to the main building that would allow him to make more use of the outside space by effectively bringing it inside.

The project had a number of challenges with the main one being the need to site the building across what is technically a public right of way. We were able to achieve this by keeping the access to the pod with doors that could be de-mounted if required. The joining to the main building also required it to effectively become water tight and as much as possible sealed to hold the heat in. All the flooring was uneven and we need to create a a platform to level this which in fact was easy as the airclad system in this case had an integral floor designed into it.

The final challenge was to allow the structure to roll up on the hot/nice sunny days and be closed in on colder days. As this can vary quite a lot during certain times of the year in the UK so we needed a solution that could be done effortlessly by and of the staff. The solution was to create a zipped panel that would deflate and allow sides to be rolled up. While we had more than our fair share of problems to resolve we were able to deliver and install ready for the xmas season and the owner was able to fully book the area, with clients event requesting to be in the pod! The project value as a turn key solution was £19,800.