Bad boat is based in Antwerp and is used as an ice-skating and restaurant/events space in the winter, in the summer months it reverts to a swimming pool. The AirClad project was developed to cover and extend the operation times of a roof-top bar area. The structure is 9m wide and 18m long and constructed from white powder coated steel to complement the design and lines of the existing boat. The air cells are all clear allowing for the continuation of the panoramic views across the harbour. The whole structure seals to the boat and allows the space to be comfortably heated in the winter.

The biggest consideration was the lead time given by the client. This was under 6 weeks for the whole design/build and installation. The main construction is modular and everything was computer designed and detailed to translate to manufacturing with absolute accuracy. The whole project was delivered in flat packed form to bolt together on the boat. It was flawlessly installed within just 3 days.