The Puma breif called for a 12m by 12m structure with roof terrace to house the Puma Social Club, a concept launched in September 2010 to kick off the company’s metamorphosis from athletic company to lifestyle brand. The club, which has its own microsite (, travels from seaside city to city across the globe, setting up shop for a month at a time at venues in hipster-laden areas. While open, the club hosts concerts and performances from local musicians and artists, and features everything from dances to ping-pong tournaments. In other words, activities that appeal to what Puma calls “after-hours athletes.”

To give the Social Club a chic atmosphere that complemented the Quad’s industrial aesthetic, Puma turned to AirClad Inflate to create and produce a contemporary light weight touring structure with a very high level of structural quality and finish. The structure needed to be designed so it could be packed down smaller than the shipping containers already used for the Quad. The result is an inflatable hybrid structure with engineered steel carcus to meet the environmental demands of all the venues it will travel to.

The inflatable membrane which forms the sidewalls of the space, are covered in thousands of hand applied gray dots (the same dot texture that speckled the hull of the Mar Mostro) and inflated to create a bubble effect over the finished structure. This skin is tactile magnet to many of the people who see the building. Few people enjoy squdging a building, but with AirClad they cannot resist.

To juxtapose the soft, curvaceous sides, sleek, charcoal-gray glass comprised the front and rear façades, complete with double-wide glass doors to create a kind of semi-enclosed outdoor room. Adding to the outdoor enjoyment, an open-air deck, accessible by a staircase attached to the rear of the structure, covered the roof and featured a bar and seating areas. We essentially designed a really cool place for people to hang out and chill.

As the structure is totally portable once the tour as finished there are plans to re paint the frames and take the dots off and use for other Puma product lines such as the recent golf range in relation with Cobra. This project was a complete 6 months design and build from commitment to proceed.